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The Server is down.

NiftyNuggit aAdmin posted Oct 6, 15

I nolonger can make time for the server on top of a lac of players it is nolonger worth me time.

sincerely NiftyNuggit.

PS I will make a download available to staff.

itzbrahim Got my new pc

New world,better set up.

NiftyNuggit aAdmin posted Aug 30, 15

As you may know we have reset the world. We have the server whitelisted while we setup spawn, pvp ect. We have done this because A) people were getting bored of the server B) because we are evil meanie pants and wanted you to have to start over, well that and so we can do every thing better.

here a sneek peak at the unfinished spawn

What's New - 8/17

Rascal_Two aHAdmin posted Aug 17, 15

This Week We've Been Working On Getting The Server More New-Player Friendly!


  • Added Naturecraft To More Voting Sites!
  • Decreased The Amount Of Money Gained Per Vote From $1,000 To $500
  • Moved Voting Info From The /efinfo Command To The /vote & /rewards Commands
  • Added Sign-Leaderboards For Jobs & Voting To Spawn (mcMMO Sign-Leaderboards Coming Next Week)
  • Added Emoticons To Chat & Signs (Can Be Toggled Off With /emoticon toggle)
  • Added In-Game /report & /suggest Commands
  • Added A Thirst-Mechanic To The Game! (You Can't Die From Thirst - For Now - But You'll Be At Low Health Forever!)
  • Added The /showspawns Command That Allows You To See The Light Level Of Blocks Much Easier! Blocks Covered With A Yellow Carpet Can Have Mobs Spawn On Them During The Night, While Blocks Covered With Red Carpet Can Have Mobs Spawn On Them Anytime! (Execute /showspawns Again To Toggle Back Off)
  • Added The /didyouknow Command Which'll Tell You A Random Less-Known Fact About Naturecraft!
  • Sticks Drop From Bushes (One Of Many 1.9 Features To Be Recreated On Naturecraft)
  • Mining Coal Ore When There's A Open Flame Within 5 Blocks Will Cause It To Explode!

Guaranteed Things Coming Next Week

  • More 1.9 Features:
    • Levitation & Lingering Potions
    • OR
    • Chorus Plants
  • One Of These Things Below:
    • New Dimention!
    • More Custom Items/Addition Of Custom Blocks
    • More Dynamic Mobs
    • Tinkers Construct Port

What's New - 8/11

Rascal_Two aHAdmin posted Aug 10, 15

As The Server Has Quite Alot Of Unique Plugins & Features, And Players Can't Seem To Learn About These Unique Things No Matter How Many Signs & Entries In The Announcer There Are.

So To Fix This, We Have Created A Wiki! It's Much Easier To Access Information In The Wiki Instead Of The Enjin Forums! So Head On Over To

What's New - 8/3

Rascal_Two aHAdmin posted Aug 3, 15

This Week The CustomItems Plugin Has Been Compleatly Stabilized, With All Bugs Squashed! A Couple Of Other Random Bugs Have Also Been Squashed About Other Plugins.

A Few New Items Have Been Added Such As: Tons Of Food, Watering Can, Glider, Hookshot, Slimalyzer, And Compressed Cobblestone. The Recipes For All These Items Can Be Seen Within The /ciapi Command.

Next Week It'll Be Some Other Plugins, And A Wikia Will Be Created So All This Information Can Become Easy To Find.

darrel09 why is it that when ever i get on no ones every online?? :(
tristan1999smith The /ciapi command does not work currently as it says it is an unknown command